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From a brief survey of the literature, it seems Kawasaki and Taira have been largely vindicated by the community before and since their paper. The retraction was by Taira alone, Kawasaki refused to co-sign because he maintained the data were valid. From the retraction it seems the reason for the retraction was a lost lab book. Prior to the Kawasaki and ...


Jon Wilkins has a nice introduction to imprinting. He does a nice job of introducing the idea methylation and how these patterns are maintained during development and cell division. Further, he links to some interesting papers on the subject.


Histone methylation is regulated by a variety of of events, including transcriptional activation and repression, relative location of the histone in the chromatin (pericentric or not, hetero- vs. euchromatin, etc.), X-inactivation, the cell's point in the cell cycle, and others. A variety of signaling pathways can lead to the (in)activation of HMTs. I found ...


I can get the ball rolling.. Found a nice paper which looks at this phenomenon in yeast. So as a primer, 8 histone proteins come together to make a spool of sorts which DNA wraps around: Histone proteins have many sequence variants, and each one of them can be covalently modified with methyl, acyl, phospho, SUMO, adp and many other sorts of chemical ...

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