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I will answer the questions one by one- Why does this miniaturization necessitates insulation ? Volume increases with a power of three with radius, while surface increases with a power of two. An organism's volume (and actually every (in)animate object) determines the total amount of heat that can be stored. It's surface determines how much heat ...


Assuming you have stated the question correctly, the answer key is incorrect for exactly the reasons you have given and your reasoning and consequent answer are correct. I would double-check you have read the question correctly and then conclude the answer key is incorrect. It happens.


PCR ideally doubles the number of amplified DNA molecules in each cycle. So after the first step you have 10 molecules, after the second 20, the third 50 and so on. The formula for the calculation is: n × 2cycles = number of molecules n is the number of molecules you start your PCR with, cycles is the number of cycles used. In your case this would be: 5 ...


You are right but a small correction: P represents primary producers. So the answer is just dead plants or tissues such as broken branches. Death, excretion because of turnover (which includes urine or other metabolites), tissue turnover (shedding of dead cells, molting etc) Maintenance, locomotion, repair, immunity


I also got 624. Maybe the answer is incorrect. My processing is: Each codon has four bases, the species contain five unique nucleotides, so for the first position in the codon, there are 5 possible results, also, for the second position in the codon, there are 5 possible results, it is same in third and forth position, so the result should be ...


vaccination is injecting the low or non-toxic substances that having a pathogen's identifying characteristics into human or animal body. When the animals exposed to the non-injurious pathogens, the immune system will produce a protective material, such as immune hormones, physiologically active substances and specific antibodies. When the animal re-exposure ...


There are always exceptions but you can consider some general rules. A is 1 i.e the sequence that is perfectly complementary (2 is complementary but direction is parallel — cannot base-pair), then B would be 1 (siRNA). Reasons (some are just based on general rules of siRNA design): siRNAs have to be perfectly complementary The size is also perfect for a ...

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