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It is both, a and b. The JAK-STAT-Pathway sits below the Erb-receptor and is therefore giving the signal from mutated Erb down the signalling cascade. Besides that a permanent active version of Jak2 has been found which also permanently activates this pathway. Both are contributing to cancer. See this two articles: Molecular Pathways: JAK/STAT Pathway: ...


i thnk it is MAP Kinase pathway b'coz RAS is a protein involved in this pathway and mutation in it lead to permanent attachment of GTP leading to cell proliferation causing carcer


DIY Diffusion Experiment This procedure was done to see what happens qualitatively when semipermeable (dialysis) tubing containing a solution of glucose and protein is immersed in a solution of glucose alone. Given that water would diffuse into the bag, the question to be answered was whether there would be an equilibrium increase of sugar concentration ...

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