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Short answer There are no functional nociceptors present in the umbilical cord. Background Having had the opportunity to cut the umbilical cord of one of my kids, I can anecdotally confirm neither newborn nor mother gave any sign of pain during the procedure. That is, when cutting the umbilical after the birth of a full-term baby. The only person clenching ...


There is quite a lot of misunderstanding about alcohol (and caffeine) as a diuretic. It's not nearly as cut and dry as you're presenting. There is no answer to your question. Sodium and water are very tightly regulated, and a lot has to go wrong before they fail. If alcohol could easily derail water regulation, there would be far, far fewer alcoholics in ...


There is a model of an adult, male, real human brain here: http://brainder.org/download/brain-for-blender/ It can be imported into Blender or any other 3D application that can read Wavefront OBJ or Stanford PLY formats.


Keeping in mind that I know nothing about this, I will try to explain why the hand can be modelled with 27 degrees of freedom. This is just my interpretation of this paper, which says: The human hand has 27 degrees of freedom: 4 in each finger, 3 for extension and flexion and one for abduction and adduction; the thumb is more complicated and has 5 DOF, ...

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