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Hemoglobin molecules used to manufacture these products are not contained by a red cell membrane, and when released into the vasculature, these molecules rapidly scavenge nitric oxide.This can result in systemic vasoconstriction, decreased blood flow, increased release of proinflammatory mediators and potent vasoconstrictors, and a loss of ...


This is a well worded question. There are more reasons than the following but the most apparent is hemoglobin production and its transport. The erythrocyte is a cell whose structure is optimal for its function-the production and transport of hemoglobin. It lacks a nucleus and organelles so that it can devote almost 100% of its energy to hemoglobin ...


Although speech production is in generally executed in the cerebral domain, the dysarthria resulting from damage of the vermous is a symptom of the resulting general muscle weakness. So yes, you get slurred speech because your muscles are weak, but the weak muscles certainly aren't ever isolated to speech production.


This is not an answer to the question, but tangent comments that might be useful for how you look at the problem (and too long for a comment). First, for a question like this it is useful to look at other solutions to the same problem. For instance, the second most common molecule for oxygen transport is Hemocyanin, and this is not bound to cells but is ...

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