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This appears to be the sternalis muscle. The reason it is not mentioned may because it is not present in all individuals, and is therefore relatively poorly characterised. The image is from An Atlas of anatomy by regions by John Charles Boileau Grant. Another image of the muscle can be found in Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy by Thieme:


We have two groups of people or better to say scientists and specialists that have their own ideas and theories and approvements. People that are relay on genetic related ideas that mostly consider rule of Y chromosome on men and how some genes' rules will not be diminished only by hormone therapy or non genetically engineering methods. Case example: ...


Short answer The relative large surface area of the white sclera in humans has been linked to an enhanced ability to detect eye gaze. Background The white of the eye is caused by the sclera. Human eyes indeed have the highest relative amount of visibly exposed white sclera. The amount of visible sclera provides information about the orientation of the ...

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