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Preamble. There is a lot of misunderstood science here and you are more than right for questioning the lecturers interpretation of these energy values; something the other answers do not discuss. The problem arises from a dodgy reference and a lot of conjecture. In summary. Light and sound cannot be compared energetically in a biological context. Our ears ...


Copied from my comment: It just means a sound that starts at a low frequency and goes up to a higher frequency like a whistle sound. Perhaps someone can give you an example sound file and/or a spectrogram representation of it.


First, the vascular structures that run in the highlighted area include the internal and external carotid artery and their branches. Those arteries that branch from the external carotid artery mainly include the superficial temporal artery and maxillary artery. Deep to the external carotid is the internal carotid artery with no major branches. Second, the ...

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