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In germ cells telomerase enzyme is active and elongates telomeres, so youngsters are not born older than their parents due to telomeres. Still, they do receive mutations, accumulated by their parents' germ-line cells, i.e. eggs and sperm. Most of the mutations occur upon division of the cell. Egg cells don't undergo many divisions - they are created in the ...


Either strand of DNA can be sense or antisense. SWBarnes2 posts that the "transcription machinery will only bind on the correct orientation" and that is indeed what determines which strand is sense. But note his important statement "the sequence is not correct on the anti-sense strand FOR A GIVEN GENE" (my emphasis). As you move from gene to gene, the ...


One of the reasons why DNA is double stranded--this means DNA has sense and antisense strands--is to make a copy. During transcription, RNAs are transcribed referring to anti-sense strand sequences--making base pairs with anti-sense strand. In other words, the sense strand does not do anything during transcription.


The short answer is the transcription machinery will only bind on the correct orientation. The binding of proteins and such to the promoter DNA strand is determined by the sequence of the DNA, the sequence is not correct on the anti-sense strand for a given gene.


It could be difficult for RNApol to access genes inactivated because inactivated genes are often tightly packed by chromatin. Many genes have enhancer elements(specific DNA sequences) as well as TATA, and transcriptional enhancers, which are proteins, would recognize enhancer elements in a sequence dependent manner and loosen chromatin structure to make ...


When you ask: Is it possible to take out a gene from an organism and put in a totally different one? The answer is yes. Gene knockout technologies are available in experimental scientific fields. You can destroy your target gene by swapping the gene with a drug resistant gene. You can swapping genes using culturing cells, however it would be almost ...

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