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The most common IV drip that would be sent home with a pet owner is Ringer's solution. This fluid is also commonly injected as a subcutaneous (between muscle and skin) bolus into both cats and dogs. Although IV administration is more efficient, this fluid is completely harmless if an IV catheter were dislodged allowing it to accumulate in the surrounding ...


The organism as a thermodynamic machine does need a coolant. The more difference in temperature the more efficiently thermal machine can use energy. Also in all processes in organism it is produced excessive thermal energy, which should be removed. Thus colder water and air are pleasant.


Short answer: Cold is pleasant only when your are not already freezing and cold might satiate thirst better because it acts as enhancer of the "water intake flow meter". Is cold water more tasty than warm water? No, it is actually the reverse as detailed in my footnote. Cold is pleasant when your body is over-heating and definitely not if you live naked ...


In addition to cultural preferences and psychological factors, there may be some evolutionary basis in this. Cooking food is a relatively new development and unique to the Homo spp. line. It makes sense that the tongue/mouth may be more sensitive to cooler temperatures than warm temperatures, given the amount of actual exposure it is given to sunlight ...


I think our body welcomes cool fluid as it likes to cool it self down. A person who is about to die from cold will never prefer a cool drink however in the same temperature if the person is comfortable he will chose a cool drink then again to cool his body as the body comparatively feels warmer.

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