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Nobody really knows where it comes from. The currently most popular theory is that pulling the joint apart leads the gases in the joint's cartilage to accumulate and form a bubble which then pops when you let it spring back. The only thing that has been researched is whether it has an effect on the joint, but people who do it regularly don't seem to have any ...


As far as I remember the pathology course from medical school, chronic long-lasting inflammation often leads to proliferation of connective tussie and ultimately to fibrosis. The actual mechanism here is the lack of oxygen which is used-up by different immune system cells to produce peroxydes and superoxydes.


Osteoarthritis results from the gradual degradation of articular cartilage. When the cartilage is damaged extensively, e.g., all the way through the cartilage and into the bone, an inflammatory response ensues in the bone. This often happens when bone is rubbing against bone. One of bone's responses to injury and inflammation is the production of new bone. ...

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