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Creatinine lab test is a quantitative test, i.e. it gives the concentration of the chemical in a solution. This is why the results of the test should not be corrected and should be expressed as is. What should be "corrected" is the place of a results on a normal/abnormal scale. Back to the specific part of the question, the same results of the creatinine ...


As others have said, that mass is too small to measure with a standard analytical scale. There are two options you could use: Make a larger volume of your 200 ug/mL solution. Make a concentrated stock such as 20 mg/mL. This a 100X stock; you can make 1 mL of 200 ug/mL proteinase K with 10 uL of stock and 990 uL of buffer. Small volumes are easier to ...


In this case make a large quantity and store it as stock - this is a general lab practice. Preparing 10 ml of your protK solurion would you need 2000ug (=2mg) of protK powder.


It depends on what form your proteinase K is in. You may have a stock solution of some concentration, in which case you just add a specific volume according to $C_1V_1=C_2V_2$. Example: Let's say you want to prepare 5 mL ($V_2$) of 200 µg/mL ($C_2$) proteinase K from a stock of 1000 µg/mL ($C_1$). You're looking for the volume of stock solution to add ...


The inclusion of formaldehyde in the gel and buffer is to keep the RNA denatured (ie after heating the sample to melt the double-stranded stem-loops, just prior to loading the gel), in the hope that the RNA will migrate through the gel with an Rf proportional to its molecular weight (approximated here by its length). Therefore the correct size markers would ...


You should check with your institutions guidelines as different facilities have different regulations but generally it is acceptable to: In a fume hood and in a ventilated (unsealed) container: 1.add liquid bleach to a final concentration of 20% (add 1 part bleach to 3 parts culture) 2.Let sit overnight 3.Dispose down drain with copious amounts of water


Autoclaving is the best way for sterilization. If your growth medium is large, how much chemical disinfectant do you think you would need to bring up to its working concentration? Add some acid to your waste medium (so that it's only weakly acidic), not as disinfectant, but to suppress ammonia formation. Urea will still break down during autoclave, but ...

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