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The reason for the decay are ever evolving bacteria, which happen to be very hard to overcome, even nowdays. There is a lot of research centered towards protein interactions, even mapping whole interactomes, which would help us get rid of decay, yet naturally our system wasn't able to evolve as fast as technological advances, but bacteria did.


I think you are forgetting bats can see as well. Bat's that use echo location are referred to as Microchiroptera. Since we are speaking about echolocation, we can disregard the megachiropteral class since there most prominent sense is their eyes. This doesn't mean though that Micro's don't use their eyes in conjunction with echolocation. In Handbuch Der ...


From the Tree of Life page for Mammalia: All of these groups of animals are mammals, including extinct triconodonts and multituberculates. Among living mammals are monotremes (most notably the platypus), marsupials (kangaroos and opossums), and eutherians. Eutherians are placental mammals, so all eutherians are placental mammals, but not all mammals are ...

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