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This answer may not be professional, but I think that if the marine life were born and raised in a reef surrounded by hard water they would most likely adapt to it and be fine. This is why if a human were to be raised on mars, he would find it impossible to walk on earth as the difference in gravity would be too much.


I've thought about this many times but enjoyed theorizing on possibilities vs researching evolutionary theory. I like these thoughts above- def agree to certain extent- but it seems to me that: If almost all "fishes" utilize side to side motion/morphology, it seems that this is certainly more efficient, and would be adopted, over many millions of ...


According to Ebersole 1987, Mercenaria mercenaria reaches sexual maturity at two years of age although some individuals can reach maturity at 1 year of age under certain growing conditions.  The mean size of individuals reaching sexual maturity is 33 mm with males somewhat smaller than females. Ebersole cited a few studies that estimated fecundity of M. ...

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