The set of biochemical reactions that sustain life by directly or indirectly affecting energy expenditure and/or storage, as well as the complete regulation of those reactions and the enzymes that catalyze them; including, hormonal, cell-signaling, and substrate level regulation.

The tag metabolism can be used for questions that address the chemical reactions that are classically taught as part of biochemistry. In addition to the strict metabolic reactions taught in biochemistry (e.g. Krebs Cycle, glycolysis, Cori Cycle, glycogenolysis, glycogenesis, lipolysis, lipogenesis, proteolysis, Urea Cycle, etc), the metabolism tag also includes questions/answers that discuss the complex regulation of these metabolic processes from the cellular to the whole-organism level. The regulation of these metabolic processes includes, but is not limited to, allosteric effects, hormone-second messenger pathways, transcriptional/translational regulation, and organ to organ metabolite/nutrient flux.

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