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The photolysis of water is coupled to the reduction of plastaquinone (Q) in photosystem II (PSII) as summarized in this diagram, adapted from Berg et al.: The overall reaction (which balances) is: 2 H2O + 2 Q + 4 H+ = O2 + 2 QH2 + 4 H+ But the 4 H+ on both sides of the equation are not the same. The generation of the hydrogen ions in the thylakoid lumen ...


First, there are inaccuracies and misconceptions in the article you quote, which also relates to obese people with insulin-resistance (pre type II diabetics) rather than normal people. These are: I’m not sure what a “low glucose state” is supposed to mean, but the tissues of the organism co-operate to ensure that the blood glucose concentration normally ...


In a very simplified explanation - the body usually picks the process which is easiest/ fastest which would be to absorb the glucose then the fat would be used for energy as this takes longer to digest and absorb because it is a relatively complex molecule which also requires bile to emulsify it. Starchy/ high glucose products will already be broken down ...


Roche's Biochemical Pathways works as a big png image and just put labels on the map. But you could try to extract data using queries like It seems to be legal as it's not prohibited.

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