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As the previous answer said, there are some public HP1 ChIP-seq data from D. melanogaster if not from the DGRP, from modENCODE and maybe others. In the case of modENCODE, they've published not only the reads, but also their peak calls (mapping with Eland + calling with MACS). BEDTools ( https://github.com/arq5x/bedtools2 )is a nice command line tool for ...


Have a look at these ChIP-seq data for HP1 in Drosophila: 1, 2 and 3. From ChIP-seq data you can find the distance between the TFBS peaks and the TSS of the gene. You can also look for nucleosome positioning and DNAse hypersensitvity regions; for the former, I am sure that data is available for Drosophila.


Heterochromatin profile is of course different in different cells but I am not sure if absolute heterochromatin content will vary greatly. This DNAse hypersensitivity region data is for human cells but same principles apply to all organisms. If I have to take a guess then I would say that quiescent cells are likely to have more heterochromatin. ...

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