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Concise Answer The 5′-UTR region of a eukaryotic mRNA is derived from the RNA transcript of the region of a gene between the transcription start site and the DNA corresponding to the translational initiation codon. It differs from that region of the initial transcript in most cases by having a modified guanosine nucleotide added at the 5′-end in a ‘cap’ ...


Short answer The 5' UTR on the mRNA includes sequence from the Transcriptional Start Site (TSS) to the first exon. Promoters are usually associated with a corresponding TSS. Longer answer In defining a UTR we must consider where transcription begins. Strictly speaking transcription begins at the Transcriptional Start Site (TSS). A useful website for exact ...


The UTR is the region of the transcript upstream of the starting methionine. The promotor is not itself transcribed.

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