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fs means frame shift and *12 gives the length of the new reading frame (ie the number of codons up to and including new stop codon). Usually before fs they give the first mutated amino acid, so I'm not sure what the number 41161 means (but apparently the OP does).


These describe mutations (SNPs) in introns. IVS stands for intervening sequence (which is another term for intron). The number following IVS specifies which intron the mutation occurs in (intron 1 follows exon 1, etc). The +n or -n, where n is an integer, gives the location of the nucleotide. +n counts 3' from the preceding exon whereas -n counts 5' ...


It is called conditional mutation. You flox (put lox sites around) gene of interest and express Cre recombinase driven by tissue-of-interest-specific promoter. Illustration from here: Using chemically-activatable variant of Cre recombinase (cre-ER) you can create knock-out in some cells of tissue of interest, not every. Addition: a bit weird but still ...

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