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The His-Purkinje fiber system is a network of one type of specialized conducting cardiac cells that carry an action potential in the heart. There are other cells which perform this function in different parts of the heart. The initiation time, shape, and duration of the action potential are distinctive for different parts of the heart, reflecting their ...


On the wiki they are called cardiac action potentials. As the generation of the action potentials in the sinoatrial node is mediated by muscle cells, as is the conduction of the action potentials through the purkinje network (see wiki), the action potentials are not neural in nature, but cardiac.


Consciousness is a difficult term to grasp in a short answer, and the question is as interesting as it is challenging. The reticular formation as mentioned by others before me is crucial, as the thalamus is the gateway of information to and from the brain. Therefore, subcortical structures such as the thalamus, when 'shut down', induce unconsciousness. ...

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