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This could be a symptom of hypogylcemia. Hypoglycemia causes symptoms such as: hunger shakiness nervousness sweating dizziness or light-headedness sleepiness confusion difficulty speaking anxiety weakness


It boils down to the anatomy. Herbivores are very good at digesting plant matter, which us monogastrics are not particularly good at. Many herbivores (such as ruminants) have large, highly developed gastrointestinal tracts containing symbiotic bacteria to allow them to digest plant matter. Once the cellulose in the plant cell walls is digested, the animal ...


They eat lots of pumpkin seeds and asparagus. ;) I'd be interested in knowing the answer to your second question myself. However, your first sentence is probably erroneous. Just because their diet "seems" low in protein doesn't mean it is. Protein can be obtained from plants, even if deriving it from plants isn't as "efficient" as getting it from a diet of ...

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