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biofilms also form in almost all systems with water flow (e.g. water tap, central heating), which also include environments outside of the household such as rivers and the famous yellowstone park hot springs.


Quoting verbatim from this site. The reference is not really a scientific article but you can check the references it cites. Some were not in English so I did not check. However these points are fairly logical Nitrates are the preferred nitrogen source: Non-volatile: unlike ammonium, nitrate is non-volatile, so there is no need to ...


Plants have sulfate transporters which they use to assimilate sulfur. Since sulfate is the conjugate base of sulfuric acid, this could be construed as a "yes" for your question. Sulfuric acid would be present in its conjugate base form at physiological pH values. However, it would be unwise to water your plants with sulfuric acid, as many plants have an ...

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