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Anatomically speaking, the palate is the roof of the mouth, separating the oral cavity (mouth) from the nasal cavity (inner nose). While the palate may be sensitive to heat and spiciness (via the capsaicin receptor, for example), it does not contain any taste buds, which are located on the tongue, and are part of the taste-sensing system. The other part of ...


While organs are generally considered to have a single, specified function (or perhaps a group of closely-related functions), blood (the fluid inside the vessels, not the vessels themselves) has many different functions: deliver $O_2$ from lungs to cells remove waste $CO_2$ from cells to lungs respond to injury by clotting carry multiple different types of ...


Blood is considered a type of connective tissue (sometimes). However, an organ is formed of multiple different tissues. Thus, blood is a tissue, not an organ.

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