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On a more general level it is possible for parents to influence sex-ratio of broods in a number of ways, and there are other reasons why a brood might have a sex ratio distortion. The paper I've been reading this morning is about side-blotched lizards doing just this. I'll give a quick basic answer just from the top of my head and hopefully someone can give ...


Most species of birds have 2 foveas, the temporal fovea and the central fovea. temporal fovea, which is like ours in the sense that it looks straight ahead and offers binocular vision (i.e. the temporal foveas of both eyes point in the same direction). But birds also have a central fovea, which points sideways and is, obviously, monocular (i.e., ...


The first 2 are correct. The third one is actually a hooded crow. The different color of the wing depends on the generation of feathers. Feathers of different generations (changed during different time) are abraded (used) in a different way. The wing feathers of this guy are older than the rest. Cheers and good luck birding :)

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