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Good question. There is no fundamental difference between parasites and predators. Ecological Interaction In terms of ecological interaction, they are both defined as an interaction where one species benefits and the other suffers from the interaction. Intuition parasite vs predator In general predation is viewed as a big individual eating a smaller ...


Parasitism – a parasite that lives on or in an host, obtaining food from the host and harming it. Example: Ixodes ticks use white tailed deer as a host Parasite is smaller and weaker than the host Parasite may feed over the host from outside or inside In parasite-host relationship a weaker organism is benefitted Host specificity is more common The host ...


A parasite may or may not kill the host. It's basic motive is to constantly derive nutrition from the host. More a sort of one time investment and as an interest you keep getting the nutrition. Whereas a predator's motive is to kill the host to satisfy it's hunger. One kill and eat can be a taken as a case of consideration here.

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