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The "chain identifier" does exactly what it says: it identifies the polypeptide or other molecular chain. For some structures, there is only one, so you'll only see an identifier A. However, many structures show two or more proteins bound together, or an enzyme complexed to a substrate, or a small molecule inhibitor in a binding pocket - there are many ...


None of them is integrase: P12497 Protein Gag-Pol polyprotein Gene gag-pol Organism Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (isolate NY5) (HIV-1) P14350 Protein Pro-Pol polyprotein Gene pol Organism Human spumaretrovirus (SFVcpz(hu)) (Human foamy virus) Even if you meant the integrase product of the polyprotein, the ...


In babel: babel my.mol2 my.pdbqt -xh -x states options for writing .pdbqt files -h says keep hydrogens

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