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When we need to collect blood from patients we typically draw blood from peripheral veins that are superficial. These are the veins that you can see in some individuals hands and forearms. There are superficial leg veins that are visible. Drugs like nitroglycerin or other vasodilators do not have significant effects on the superficial veins that you'd be ...


I think the use of drugs for simple things like a blood draw should be a last resort. Having a cup of tea or two can work wonders at raising your blood volume and making the blood draw easier. A nitroglycerin tablet would risk systemic side effects in many patients, so a topical ointment could be used to minimize these effects. Nitroglycerin has been ...


I think you are after the slope of the dose-response curve: Dose-response curve. Souce: Merck The slope indicates the change in response per unit dose, which translates to sensitivity.


Placebos are good to use in case-control studies. Suppose you have a cohort with depression and a cohort without depression. If you gave the cohort with depression a homeopathic cure and their mood changes for the better, you can't take that as positive results yet. You first have to use a placebo on the cohort without depression to see if their mood remains ...


But placebo effect is also a thing that works, strange as it may be. The placebo effect deals with the importance of the brain's role and perception in physical health. So, in my understanding, placebo is better than nothing. If you think, say, that your lung function is improving, but it's actually not, that's not a good thing. It would be ...


The point of a double-blind trial is that treatments are compared to placebo effect. Therefore, conventional treatments that "pass" double-blind trials are better than placebo. If homeopathy is equal to placebo, that means that homeopathy is worse than conventional treatment. Therefore, people who treat with homeopathy are giving worse than standard care.

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