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I wasn't sure when I first read this, but this is actually a very interesting question. Right now there seem to be two completely divorced lines of inquiry that researchers are pursuing with respect to the antimalarial drugs. One group of researchers is working on working out the mechanism by which say, chloroquine and its ilk bind to and interfere with ...


Disclaimer: all of this is not to be considered medical advice but rather a general explanation. You should talk with your physician and/or pharmacist on a case by case basis when determining whether to take a drug and how to dose it. We should consider that most pharmaceutical forms are made up from two main components: the active ingredient(s) and the ...


This website gives a nice overview, including how the FDA approve drugs that they expect will be spit and some practical issues of pill cutting. Yes, half a tablet of (2x dose) is, absent other issues, equivalent to one intact tablet of (1x) dose. The main exceptions are practical ones.. where the tablet cannot easily be cut; where the dosing is so ...


1.I dont' think a fungus would develop resistance to something so quickly. 2.As Chris suggested in the comments, it could be because "The desinfective effect is based on the production of reactive oxygen species. The problem is that the solutions used for this purposes are not very stable." So, if fresh solution haven't been used, it may be ineffective.

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