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Yes, planting trees and burning them afterwards is a way to harvest energy from plants that's with us since millenia.


It is not possible to do this directly. Indirectly, it is possible, this is actually done by harvesting fruits - they contain the energy of the sunlight conserved in chemical compounds like sugars or starch and their cellular structures. The basic process for this is photosynthesis. The products from the fields are used technically to produce gas by ...


The most basic example of what I would like to talk about seems to be the algae powered lamp that has (apparently) been developped. I think you misunderstood the idea. That lamp uses bioluminescence and not electric power. Normally living cells don't like to give you energy. The trick we use is anaerob fermentation. Without the presence of oxygen ...


I found surprisingly little information about harvesting energy from photosynthesis Photosynthesis does not produce energy as such, it produces sugars/carbohydrates/chemical energy, which the plant then converts into energy via respiration. You can burn the sugar to produce heat. But this is basically what your doing when you burn a plant. So ...


Another alternative is using plants to generate biomasse using photosynthesis and letting bacteria convert that into electricity. There is research being done about this method and you can read more about it on the following websites: http://www.plantpower.eu/ http://plant-e.com/technology.html

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