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The difference in energy requirements of a motile species make photosynthesis an unsuitable form of primary energy generation for them. Since plants are sessile, their energy consumption rates are lower. Plants have approximate respiration:photosynthesis rates of 0.35-0.9, as can be seen in this table (click to enlarge): Once the energy consumption ...


Why be mobile? To follow the sun? Plants are mobile. Their seeds are. We have plants living on other plants. Once they have a spot on the sun though moving does not necessarily improve your situation, being stationary and defending your territory though does. (Growing taller, deeper roots, wider crowns)


There is at least one species of highly mobile animal that can photosynthesize, depending on your definition of "highly mobile": Sea Sheep? This Adorable Sea Slug Eats So Much Algae It Can Photosynthesize The catch is that this animal does not produce its own chloroplast.

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