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Take a look at this schematic of a mature mRNA. [source] The coding region (ie the part that is translated) is between the start and stop codons, but the 5' and 3' untranslated regions (UTRs) are also transcribed by RNA polymerase; these are part of the first and last exons, respectively. The transcription start site is labelled right in front of the 5' ...


You mix up translation and transcription. Transcription creates mRNA from DNA template. Transcription also includes splicing, that is excision of introns so that mature mRNA contains only exons. In your example it goes like that: DNA (chromosome): ---A----B--...--Dstop---E--- premature mRNA: A----B---...---Dstop--E---polyA mature mRNA: AB..DstopE-polyA ...

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