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16 units/mg means 16 units per milligram of protein. Many companies, including Invitrogen, define 1 unit streptavidin as the amount of streptavidin necessary to bind 1 microgram of biotin.


Just to add to Chris Stronk's answer: 1 U SAV can bind 1 ug biotin This tells you that in a 16 U/mg SAV sample, every mg of SAV will bind 16 ug of biotin. You can figure out the molar ratio from this: $16\mu g\ BIO\cdot\frac{1mol\ BIO}{244310000ug\ BIO}\cdot\frac{52800000mg\ SAV}{mol\ SAV}$ Which equals: $\frac{3.46mol\ BIO}{mol\ SAV}$ Theoretically, ...

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