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If you're expressing the gene in E. coli, then you're almost certain to be using a plasmid or other ectopic gene vector. There are a wide variety of plasmids available, with many different promoters. With a commercial plasmid, you're not adding in the promoter sequence, but the gene sequence. You pick the promoter you want and then clone your gene sequence ...


The exact numbers depend on the protein. In my hands, I would say between the pAraBAD and a pLac-T5 you can expect some fold improvement and pAraBAD and a pT7 promoters you can expect about an order of magnitude… but there are two big caveats. First, pET and other T7 driven plasmids do not work in K-12 strains (without the pTARA) so BL21 is generally used. ...


In general, T7 is stronger in producing mRNA. However, the final amount of protein produced depends on other factors like protein solubility, stability, and toxicity. Here,, is a study that compares T7 and other promoters for the production of few different proteins.

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