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I will try answer your question directly. How do we know if we fold it right? A. If you're interested in only the end product pf folding -- the 3D structure, then this is the subset of the folding problem called the structure prediction (from sequence alone). a. We can verify the structure experimentally by determining the 3D structures by NMR or ...


A certain fold of a peptide string can be validated or ruled out if other experimental data is available. Some other techniques to infer protein structure are X-ray crystallography (requires pure protein that will crystallize) and single particle analysis.


in silico modelling of anything in biology is an active field of research. It's very useful for making predictions and developing hypotheses, but any findings need to be confirmed experimentally. From the Folding@Home website: Folding@home has been a success. In 2000-2001, we folded several small and fast folding proteins with experimental validation ...

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