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Proteins can move around the membrane. The protein does move: the membrane is a liquid crystal and has fluid behaviour. Specifically this is due to the membrane being in a gel-state. This gel state allows phase behaviour which means that the protein is able to move around on the surface by a similar process. This is often referred to as the fluid mosaic ...


The intracellular receptor for cortisol is called NR3C1. To my knowledge, a direct (competitive) effect of anabolic steroids on the binding of cortisol to NR3C1 has never been proven. The anabolic effects can easily be explained by other targets. A good starting point for further reading might be this review: ...


It is not theoretically impossible for protein to self-replicate. It just did not evolve to be a common mechanism. Lee et al. 1996 reports finding of a protein that can catalyze its own synthesis.

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