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Introductory textbooks will not get into the details of the lac operon. Basically, the operon is expressed constitutively at a low level that means that Beta Galactosidase and Lactose Permease are expressed at low levels by the bacterium. This is because it takes a little bit of time to build up the concentration of LacI in the cell before it can start to ...


Yes, there are well established methods for synthesizing DNA with any sequence you want. Several commercial companies will accept DNA sequence (a text file) and generate the DNA for you. Genscript for example is well known. Synthesizing the protein can be bit more tricky, depending on what it looks like and what you want it for --- proteins are way more ...


In my experience, when protein denatures, it typically aggregates and precipitates from solution. I would expect a denatured protein to create a cloudy solution, or actual precipitates in the form of little globs or fine wisps. A solution where protein is correctly formed and solubilized in the solution should be clear.


From comments I understood that you need to predictions in bulk. You can use API based system of JPred. They allow you to submit more than 1000 jobs per user per day. You can go through instructions step by step from their documentation. It looks simple ! Another hit I got while searching is Phyre2. I am sure there are many such servers.


It's definitely not the length. Although ribosomes can't make really really small peptides because they need something to hold onto and in any case proteins start with methionine(usually), there are workarounds. There's no reason why a tripeptide couldn't be coded for by a gene directly. The 'traditional' method of producing very short peptides is producing ...


Proteins insert according to the positive inside rule because positive charges tend to stay in the cytoplasm. Cells tend to have an electrostatic polarity across the membrane boundary that will hold the positive area inside, and because higher pK values make the positive areas harder to deprotonate, these interactions tend to make the protein stay that ...

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