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The term isoform has become a little ambiguous over the years (see http://blogs.cornell.edu/collinslab/2012/05/30/protein-isoform/)... still some things are consistent: In some genetics literature 'isoform' has been used in the place of allele when talking about the allele states at a locus for a gene Typically a gene isoform is equivalent an alternate ...


SEAP, secreted alkaline phosphatase, and vectors engineered to express fusions to this reporter gene may be well-suited to solve your problem.


You can always express GFP or your favorite protein in a secretory vector like pSecTag or pSecTag2 from Invitrogen/Life/ThermoFisher/SuperUltraBioMegaMart. There are probably others, but those were the first ones I came across. They contain the mouse Igκ signal sequence for efficient secretion (so the website says, I've never used it). I don't know ...

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