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This review 22 proteins in the NOD like human repetoire. It was published in 2013... The families are broken down into 9 general groups according to their domain composition in Figure 1 from that review. Most of them are not named "NOD".


Gi and Gs have a structurally different sub unit in their alpha chain. The receptors for PGE1 and adenosine interact with inhibitory Gi, which contains the same β and γ subunits as stimulatory Gs but a different α subunit (Giα). In response to binding of an inhibitory ligand to its receptor, the associated Gi protein releases its bound GDP and ...


Being no expert on pain, I will share some thoughts on the issue. According to the following site(http://www.helpforpain.com/arch2000dec.htm), there are two types of pain: nociceptive and neuropathic pain. Neuropathic pain involves the central and peripheral nervous system, a possibility I would discount due to no apparent link to suffocation. Thus, it is ...

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