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I think it's best to break this question up in to two parts: What mutations account for red hair and fair skin in humans How might these same mutations affect pain sensation MC1R variants & red hair The MC1R gene encodes a transmembrane receptor protein (belonging to a very common family of receptors), called melanocortin 1 receptor. It also has ...


In protein phosphorylation, the phosphate group transferred from the kinase to the substrate comes almost universally from ATP. However, there is evidence of some protein kinases using GTP as their phosphate source, although they are few and far between.


As far as I know there are 5 receptors for far-red and red light which are the phytochroms(phyA-phyE) Its all about the ratio between red and far-red light. Each phytochrom has an inactive(PR) and an active(PFr) conformation. phyA is the only phytochrom which is activated by far-red light, so its active state is PR. (Only if the ratio between red and ...

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