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Miroux and Walker (1996) Over-production of Proteins in Escherichia coli: Mutant Hosts that Allow Synthesis of some Membrane Proteins and Globular Proteins at High Levels. J Mol Biol. 260: 289–298 The authors report on problems of over-expressing membrane proteins in E. coli using a T7 (pET) system. They isolate mutant strains which show improved levels ...


Heat shock proteins - HSP70 and HSP30. You may also have ribosomal subunits as well.


According to the 2012 iGEM Kyoto team: The Twin Arginate Translocation pathway(TAT) is [an endogenous] secretion system in E.coli. This system can carry proteins that have torA signal amino acid sequences at N terminal. TatA, TatB, TatC and TatD compose Tat complex on inner membrane. Tat complex recognizes torA signal peptide and then it transports ...


Urnov et al. are trying to effect gene therapy - where a mutation causing a genetic form of severe combined immunideficiency (SCID) (also known as the bubble boy syndrome). Affected SCID patients can have little to no immunity to infection what so ever. SCID in this case is caused by a single site mutation in the IL2R-gamma gene. Their method is to use a ...

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