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Alongwith campbell ,look up some "advanced" books - like Bruce Alberts molecular biology of The Cell , Lehninger, etc. It is not necessary to read everything in those books. Read whichever topics interest you the most. There is also a very good site : ibiomagazine.org which has videos of some of the big shots of biology. And remember, most important is ...


I would suggest something like "The Selfish Gene" by Richard Dawkins. It covers many examples or organisms and how their behaviour at a molecular level is ultimately selfish in order to ensure survival by passing their genes, which is perhaps the most important biological function of any living organism. However, as pointed in comments below, this book ...


The Campbell Biology is a good very introductory book to biology. However, it is popular book but a very standard text book. I am not aware of any popular and introductory book that are broad enough to encompass all of biology. I would suggest that you get the campbell and in parallel you can follow free online courseware. There are lots of them. Starting ...


Where I studied, every undergrad read Campbell Biology. You can start it as a non-specialist but you will not be one at the end..

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