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When I was reading the question, I had a flash of insight into what I presume the question the OP is asking: how do we maintain "integrity" of DNA when we get a set of DNA from mother, and the other set from father (ignoring mitochondrial DNA and other neat things). I would assume this is the question due to the key word reproduction, but anyway,I am here to ...


In the case of replication the parent strands do not pair up back into the original helix. Instead, as your picture and the one below show, the complementary bases are paired up on one of the parent strands, resulting in two copies, each with one parent strand and one new one. Source: Kathy's webpage on DNA


I've found a nice review that has many details on plasmid replication in general, and several papers about pSC101 in detail, and I'll try to extract the key information from these papers. First of all your plasmid as an ori region that contains so called iteron: In many cases, the origin of replication contains directly repeated sequences, termed ...

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