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If you google HG00105, among the first hits is geo accession GSM649517 with the title HG00105/NA12878. Channel1: Characteristics gender: Male cell line: lymphoblast cell line HG00105 ethnicity: British from England and Scotland, UK (1000 Genomes codes: GBR) Channel2: gender: female cell line: lymphoblast cell line NA12878 ethnicity: Northwest European ...


You should really read about both these file formats. As swbarnes mentioned, FASTQ and GTF hold different kind of information. GTF stores the annotation of a reference sequence. For example a GTF for a genome sequence will have the information about the locations of features such as genes, transcripts, exons, start codon etc. FASTQ stores the sequence of a ...


Your question is not very clear. What should the contents of your GTF file be? Typically, GTF files contain information about where exons are located in a set of DNA sequences. Determining the location and exon/intron structure of genes is no simple technical task (i.e. a "conversion" as stated in your question), but rather a large area of active research. ...


A fastq contains sequences. A gtf contains coordinates of where features like exons fall in a reference sequence. You can't interconvert them, that makes no sense.

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