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In order to date the age of a tree, you have three solutions : If you can cut the tree then you can simply count the number of rings. Note that for very old trees the central rings will have rotted and you will only have a lower bound on its age. If some parts of the tree are dead, you can use radiocarbon dating to estimate the time of death with a ...


A tried and true method is to measure the diameter of the tree (which plays into your radius idea). Measurements are taken at "breast height" (~4.3ft, 1.3m from the ground). You can purchase a 'diameter tape' or 'girth tape' which consists of pre-calculated measurements, this way you will not have to measure circumference and derive diameter from this ...


Senescent cells are cells that go into permanent cell cycle arrest. Although they may be metabolically active, they are not actively dividing. This may occur when cells in our bodies undergo damage from an extraneous or endogenous source. I understand that its role in cancer and aging is a great topic of study.

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