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It looks like as in fishes, the lack of an intrinsic cause of death in turtles in general is seen: Like in fishes, the reptiles appear to show three types of senescence. The African skink, Mabuya buettneri, shows rapid senescence similar to death at mating observed in Salmon and marsupial mouse. Most of the lizards and snakes undergo gradual senescence ...


Forever no. For thousands of years yes. And not only plants, other organisms have what is called biological immortality. Look here for some examples https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_long-living_organisms


The answers to these questions often boil down to "what do you mean by live forever?". You've included vegetative cloning, so I infer that counts as one living organism for your purposes. In that case, the answer is absolutely. Pando is at least 10 thousand years old and only getting larger. The Cavendish banana is about 150 years old, but produces at ...


The radius of tree is not a good measure of the tree age, the most efficient technique to know the age of a tree is with dendrochronological methods, this is the less invasive technique. However, knowing very well the dynamics of growth of each species you can infer the age, check out this study: Jan Lukaszkiewicz and Marek Kosmala. 2008. Determining the ...

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