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There is a little wobble in the lengths of your fragments, that's why the reads don't exactly overlap. Is there a reason that you are spending the time and money to do the second read when the first read gives you almost the exact same sequence information?


The coding region is that region of the DNA coding strand that is translated into a product. This is synonomous with the exon region. The 5' untranslated region and the 3'untranslated region are just that and though they may serve some little understood function in replication, they are not translated into a protein. "coding region" is not a term that I have ...


As I remember, exon sequences is the same with coding sequence, except for the first and last exon, which are parts of 5'UTR and 3'UTR, respectively, am I right? Not necessarily. The UTRs can be composed of multiple exons and there can be an exon that spans both sides of the start codon i.e it is both a part of the 5'UTR and CDS. Similarly, an exon ...

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