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One of my colleagues does lots of histological work, staining and identifying tissue at the microscopic level. Software that could be helpful to that discipline might be the ability to distinguish among the different types of tissues present, and perhaps calculate the "area" occupied by each tissue type as well as empty space. This would not be unlike a GIS ...


RE: What kind of software you always wanted for light microscopic research, but did not know how to build? I research fruit flies and in this field (and many other insect ecology model systems like beetles, moths, butterflies) we use a lot of visually scored data, e.g. body size, wing size, wing morphology, eye colours, bristle numbers, genital ...


You might be interested in reading the article "Machine learning in cell biology – teaching computers to recognize phenotypes" (http://jcs.biologists.org/content/126/24/5529.long)

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