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I believe it is a Garden Orb Weaver spider. The Australian garden orb weaver, Eriophora transmarina, has a strikingly similar body


It looks like Neoscona Crucifera to me, but I could be wrong. Here is a picture of her: Another one, only this is more of the web:


I think it looks a lot like a European Pigeon Tick (Argas reflexus). They infest pigeons and they die when infesting humans, which they only do if they are very hungry (yours looks hungry though). May also transmit diseases. Edit: It could also be an Argas vespertilionis (don't know the english name). They infest bats and are a little rounder in shape ...


My best guess is a soft-bodied tick, perhaps of the Ornithodoros genus, although the determination of the species is a little more difficult. Though, if it's O. erraticus they're known for causing african swine fever in Spain and Portugal (1). Ornithodoros In response to the comments, here's a link from Texas A&M which notes the ticks pump waste+water ...


Looks like the nymph of a masked hunter. They carmouflage in dust and sand.


Following your answer to my comment, I deduced the “yellow” color to be more brownish as there is not big bird with really bright yellow color (like the golden oriole). With these parameters I search as well in the ornitho.ch database (all observations given by ornithologist professionals and amateurs) : there was no observation of vulture or eagle in that ...


My best guess would be Trematoda which is a fluke worm that infects mollusk. I would think this is the larval stage of cercaria which is free swimming and develops in the mollusk and then moves on to infect others. Here are some different images of a cercaria: In this YouTube video you will see what is known as a "Rat King" which is just a ball ...


I think this is the Chinese Redbud (Cercis chinensis), see this image (from here):

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