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You can use ordinal multinomial regression (also known as ordered logit) if the response is ordered. These methods are basically extensions of logistic regressions, but using e.g. a cumulative logit instead of the logit. However, there are a number of different assumptions you need to consider. For instance, are you going to use a proportional-odds ...


The testing of an ordinal scale requires non-parametric statistical tests. Mean and standard deviation are invalid parameters for descriptive statistics whenever data are on ordinal scales, as are any parametric analyses based on the normal distribution. The report of Allen & Seaman, 2007 describes a number of possible tests: Nonparametric ...


This is directly following the advice of Lande & Arnold (1983), saying: Linear multiple regression can be used first to estimate the forces of directional selection, $\beta$, and their standard errors. Then a quadratic multiple regression (16) or (Al), can be used to estimate the forces of stabilizing selection, $\gamma$, with their standard ...


See these three sites: ClinicalTrials.gov NIDA ClinicalStudyDataRequest

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