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The situation that you presented in which an entity A inhibits the production of another entity B which in turn inhibits A, is a positive feedback. In a network path or a loop the overall sign of the loop/path is the product of the signs of individual edges (interactions). In this case it is negative times negative which gives a positive sign to the loop. ...


Although the situation you describe involves amplification rather than homeostasis it is not a positive feedback loop under the standard definition of the latter: In a a positive feedback loop: An increase in A leads (directly or indirectly) to an increase in B. The increase in B leads (directly or indirectly) to an increase in A. This repeats step 1., ...


Partial answer: As for a book on the topic of mathematical modeling of coupled neural oscillators, you can start with: Wilson, H. R. (1999) Spikes, Decisions & Actions: Dynamical Foundations of Neuroscience, Oxford University Press, Oxford UK. author's copy, amz

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