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The tree in question belongs to the Araucariaceae family, There are multiple species of Genus Araucaria, I'd place Araucaria araucana on the first place, but there are multiple others: Araucaria araucana Araucaria luxurians Araucaria columnaris Araucaria subulata


I'm not sure when the concept first arose but I would assume it was after Darwin had come up with the Theory of Evolution. The concept I am talking about is "Convergent Evolution" which in essence explains "characteristics do not make the genus". Convergent Evolution is the concept that two completely different organisms, given the same selection ...


It has been a long time since, I've read The Origin of Species, but it sounds like the intent of the phrase is to suggest that the presence of similar characteristics in two species do not imply that they are related, but that related species would be expected to share characteristics. I.e. that similar characteristics do not imply relatedness, but ...


Species definitions are a somewhat contentious part of biology. There are no hard boundaries in nature that mean "this group here is one species, this group here is another species". Some people don't even believe that species truly exist and there are only gradations of relatedness. That being said, the Biological Species Concept is one of the more popular ...


The plant is of Lamiaceae family and its common name is Shell Flower or Bells of Ireland. Its "scientific" aka latin name is Moluccella laevis.


Long story short, use sequence information if you can. The long story long: Sequence information and the trees generated from them are strictly more reliable than morphological characters. For instance: sharks are pretty much the same shape they were millions of years ago, but they've been accumulating genetic differences 'invisibly' that allows us to group ...


I will say that classification using body plan is more common. Because animals show extensive morphological and anatomical diversity which makes it easier to classify. That's why in our high school we learn classification based on body plan. These also form the basic attributes and general characters of a phylum. So learning classification is also helping us ...

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