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"Frank dehydration" is not really a regular medical term. You can suspect this by using Google search with "frank dehydration" in quotes and site:gov (only 3 websites showing up) and site:edu (2 websites) operators. The term "frank dehydration" as an informal term can refer to "obvious," "actual," "test-confirmed" dehydration as opposed to feeling ...


The article itself1 defines what the authors mean by both proteinuria and refractory: ...progressive proteinuria, with [urine protein-to-creatinine] values ranging from 0.6 at initial evaluation to 5.16 at highest (reference interval, <0.2), despite medical intervention with increasing doses of benazepril HCl (0.5-1.02 mg/kg PO q12h) and control of ...


Proteinuria is the presence of proteins in urine. Refractory means "persistent" or "stubborn", but in medical terms it means resistant to treatment or cure.

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