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Such projections are more formally known as spiculations. Most commonly, we talk about spiculations with respect to the radiographic appearance of malignant breast and lung lesions. This paper describes the correlation between the mammorgraphic appearance of spiculated breast lesions and their pathology (microscopic appearance). The authors define ...


"Cancer" is so named because the cancers Hippocrates first observed looked like crabs to him. If he had first observed cancers that most resembled potatoes, cancer probably would have been named differently today. My point is, there is no "need" for a tumor to look like a crab or any other particular shape. Most tumors are probably irregular in shape. Most ...


Clonidine is an agonist on the α2 receptor... but then again norepinephrine is also an agonist on the α2 receptor. Then the physiologic ligand of the a2 receptor, norepinephrine is autocrine (meaning it is released from a cell then binds on a receptor on the same cell) causing negative feed back and it inhibits further release of norepinephrine from the ...


You may have the early symptoms of glaucoma. Often the red is the first colour to die off and one eye may be affected more than the other. This can progress rapidly without treatment so you should see your optometrist urgently.

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