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It may also be called as Idea of maximum parsimony. It is used in phylogenetics to construct phylogenetic trees which require the least number of evolutionary events.


The principle of least effort / path of least resistance fit pretty well: animals, people, and systems (like evolution or a mechanical system like a machine) will naturally choose the path of least resistance or effort. The principal applies to chemistry (low energy states) and physics (the path an electrical current takes) as well. Occam's Razor fits ...


Min means minutes. Minutes are counted for interruption points since onset of DNA transfer in F-pili-mediated conjugation. The point "0" is not associated with ori, but is close to thr. The total chromosome size is 100 min (time taken for conjugation). See: Linkage Map of Escherichia coli K-12, Edition 10: The Traditional Map Recalibrated linkage map of ...

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