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Theoretical ecology From wikipedia Theoretical ecology is the scientific discipline devoted to the study of ecological systems using theoretical methods such as simple conceptual models, mathematical models, computational simulations, and advanced data analysis. Effective models improve understanding of the natural world by revealing how the dynamics of ...


Dengler 2009 would be a good start. I'm sure this paper, his citations and papers citing Dengler's paper will get you well on your way.


The key point is that the first equation is describing frequencies, i.e., $\sum_{i=1}^n x_i = 1$, so there are only $n-1$ degrees of freedom. For instance, if $n=2$ (as in Hawk-Dove), you can totally describe the state of the system with just $x_1$, because $x_2$ is just $x_2=1-x_1$. This constraint is enforced by adjusting $\phi$. To convert the ...

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