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It is unneccessary for a mammal to breath in CO2, though our bodies are able to expel unneeded gasses easily. However, if there were no CO2 in the atmosphere, animals would all die, as no oxygen could be produced by plants. In other words, we don't need to breath in CO2, but we need it to be plentiful.


Not really a conventional source, but SCUBA divers use tanks that consist of only oxygen and nitrogen, no CO2 needed http://www.lakesidepress.com/pulmonary/books/scuba/sectionl.htm


No, mammals need not take in CO2 from atmosphere. The body's homeostatic function will maintain its composition by checking the amount of CO2 released out by lungs. So certainly animals would survive if put in a CO2 free atmosphere.


No it isn't necessary to breathe in CO2 from the atmosphere. For the buffer system your brain detects the amount of CO2 (H+ which is an indicator of excess or too little CO2) and adjusts your breathing automatically to compensate so that your blood's pH stays normal. No outside CO2 is needed. Your kidneys also play a similar role but the lungs are what ...

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