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Fetal RNA - mRNA and microRNA - has been detected in maternal blood as shown in this report. Here's a second report showing how fetus gives back to repair the maternal myocardium - fetal cells traffic to an injured maternal myocardium and undergo cardiac differentiation.


UV rays cause damage is by thinning the walls of surface blood vessels, leading to bruising, bleeding, and the appearance of blood vessels through the skin. Longwave UV radiation (UV-A) accounts for up to 95% of the UV radiation that reaches the earth's surface. Although UV-A is less intense than UV-B, it is more prevalent and can penetrate deeper into the ...


Saying protein in general helps to heal wounds is a very far step. Different proteins are essential for nearly every process that happens anywhere in your body. There is a range of proteins which is required specifically for wound healing. The first step of wound healing is blood clotting in order to close wounds. This uses several so-called clotting ...


I heard that as well and was skeptical at first, but apparently there IS science to support it- http://mblogs.discovermagazine.com/80beats/2011/11/21/helpful-mouse-fetuses-naturally-send-stem-cells-to-mom-to-fix-her-damaged-heart/ Officially found with mice, but it supports how some women that suffered damages while pregnant are sometimes found with their ...

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