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Some toxins degrade in a matter of minutes, others (like botulinum) - in a matter of weeks. Botulinum and salmonella toxins are very stable. Salmonella toxins, e.g., can withstand boiling of up to 5 hours.


This question asks about the urinary excretion of THC. Before answering the question I think you're getting at, I'll first note that cannabinoids (of which THC is one) are primarily metabolized by hepatic cytochromes rather than being excreted directly. This article is a classical pharmacokinetic paper on the topic if you’re able to access it; this one is a ...


Please consider this a sort of comment — I tried looking up for articles related to MSMA mode of action almost all the articles are about its toxicity in mammals. By what I understand trivalent arsenates act as phosphate analogs and therefore interfere in phosphorylation reactions including DNA synthesis [Ref]. The weed is affected perhaps because of its ...

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