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This issue is deep but one answer is bacteria/virus genetic variability. Some organisms have the ability to change it's DNA in few generations (for example the influenza virus which requires a new vaccine every year). When you take a vaccine for influenza virus you expect that will protect you in a short period of time (winter season) because this virus is a ...


Also it is noteworthy that the general idea behind vaccines is to "train" your own immune system to the pathogens. Since we are all different a little bit we produce a little bit different antibodies therefore the pathogens do not have a general counter-strategy or selective pressure compared to antibiotics.


Unfortunately, we do see examples of bacteria and viruses evolving vaccine resistance. For instance, vaccine resistant strains of polio and pertussis have recently been identified. Yet these seem like the exception rather than the rule. One thing that makes it harder for pathogens to evolve resistance is that vaccines usually generate antibodies to ...

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